Effective, Low Cost Cyber Defense against Ransomware Pirates and Careless Employees

Desktop notifications and warnings are a missing piece of most ransomware defense small business systems.

Ransomware is a major risk for businesses and not-for-profits. Incidents have risen more than 50% during the pandemic and they reach all the way down to one person shops. Studies by IBM and Verizon have found that your email users cause 80% to 90% of the infections by clicking on emails, attachments and websites that infect your system. Studies also show that employee training and fake phishing reduce the risk by 50% or more. Desktop notifications can reduce this risk another 48%. (I really like Desktop Notifications.) Virtual Cyber Sleuth does not sell any of these protective technologies. However, you can request a complimentary list of the vendors that we have evaluated by Contacting me. https://virtualcybersleuth.com/contact/ Also follow my Facebook Page – Virtual Cyber Sleuth @VirtualCyberLSeuthMain

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