Malicious Employee

Virtual Cyber Sleuth can use digital forensics to determine who stole what. From identification of shadow accounting and Quickbooks password cracking to identification of data downloaded to a USB drive, Our fast virtual analysis can help find the data or funds before they disappear forever.

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HR Issues

Businesses today constantly risk false accusations and involuntary involvement in employee disputes. Using cyber forensics, we have helped defend firms in a wide range of matters including allegations of ignoring sexual harassment , fraudulent use of company IT, and disputed wrongful terminations.

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Anti-Ransomware Tactics

Cyber Forensics Can Help Protect Your Business from Ransomware Damages:

  • Minimize the Risks of Financial Losses, Liability Exposure and Reputation Risk,
  • Identify careless or malicious employees
  • Review and Supplement Data Security Compliance Systems
  • Recommend cutting edge anti-ransomware technology
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